Evaluations of My Work



Student Feedback

Professor Bowman has made this subject one of my favorites since the first day of class. All of the material she has taught us has opened my eyes to new things and I’ve shared all that I’ve learned with family and friends. She takes the time to make sure every student in the class understands the lectures and everything she is teaching us, through group work it helped me to better express my ideas and thoughts on the topic at hand and I truly enjoyed that. My favorite thing about this course was when she used images and videos to help us better understand the message each lecture was trying to teach us, using media truly helped me understand and enjoy each lecture. Aside from that, Professor Bowman was wonderful in making sure every student felt comfortable and that every student understood what was being taught. She always was available if needed and truly cared about teaching us something we could use in our future.

-Student in Psychology of Women course, 2012

Professor Bowman is a great instructor. She is adept at clarifying concepts, answering questions, and remaining neutral and respectful when dealing with difficult or touchy subjects. I enjoy her classes very much, and she has increased my interest in the subject greatly. The exams and course work always reflect what we have learned or discussed and her slides and lectures are extremely helpful when studying. I would take any class that she teaches and would recommend her to others.

-Student in Psychology of Women course, 2012

Professor Bowman is a great professor. She incorporates multiple points of view into her lectures and does a great job at getting the students to start critically analyzing the social world. Her study sheets are really helpful and as long as you pay attention to her lectures, you will learn a lot and do well in the class. She really wants her students to do well and does a great job at making sure everyone is on the same page before she moves on. If you’re interested in the subject matter, she will teach you a lot. If you’re not, she will still engage you and make you aware of the issues that women are dealing with nationally and internationally.

-Student in Psychology of Women course, 2012

Professor Bowman is AMAZING! You can tell that she loves her topic of teaching, she is an incredible professor, and has a great teaching technique. Psychology has A LOT of concepts and theories to learn, she has made every single one of them easy to retain.

-Student in Psychology of Women course, 2012

Christin was a very attentive and available TA. She was very generous with her time and I felt I could count on her to be available during office hours. Additionally, she made herself available outside of the normally scheduled office hours. In some cases, when she was unable to make the normally scheduled office hours, she always made an announcement to the class and offered alternative hours. She even made herself available via phone if necessary. It was obvious that she knew the material, she was enthusiastic about it, and was very patient in explaining it when I had questions. During class she offered useful examples to help clarify when needed. She was also available in class to assist students with technical issues with the statistic programs we were using. She was an excellent TA!

-Student in Statistical Methods in Psychology course, 2013-2014

Christin was an exceptionally dedicated TA. She was very approachable, accessible, respectful, knowledgeable and helpful.

-Student in Statistical Methods in Psychology course, 2013-2014

Perfect TA.

-Student in Statistical Methods in Psychology course, 2013-2014


Collegial and Supervisory Feedback

Christin was an exceptional TA. She performed her role with seriousness, with attention to detail, and with a sincere concern for the students’ education. Her knowledge of statistics was strong before becoming a TA. However, I saw her statistical sophistication grow even stronger by regularly attending class, doing her own homework assignments (despite also having answer keys), asking questions when she was still unsure, making time to meet/teach students regularly, and thoughtfully grading homework. She was beloved by students. She helped me lecture on several occasions and did a strong job handling the class. She helped me revise my course in several ways that involved adding two new homework assignments: a series of critical readings assignments and two assignments facilitating students to learn the relationship between certain research questions and certain analyses. They were so successful that I have now permanently incorporated them into my course. Christin was an enormous asset to the students and an enormous asset to me. From my perspective, Christin is well on her way to becoming an excellent quantitative educator and scholar.

-Brett Stoudt, Ph.D., Professor of Statistical Methods in Psychology, 2014

The class that I observed was a solid presentation. There was an excellent learning environment in the classroom. The presentation was clear and organized. The students were very engaged in the class. They seemed to be comfortable asking questions on sensitive topics, and they asked a lot of questions. Although it is a large class there was ongoing discussion.

-Darlene DeFour, Ph.D., Observer and Evaluator of Psychology of Women, 2012

Christin is an extremely dedicated worker, and has a natural rapport with students. I would absolutely recommend Christin as a Teaching Assistant for another type of course; she has strong command of several content areas, and has past teaching experience, which shows in her skilled handling of classroom lecturing and discussion. Christin is a gem of a TA – she will make for an excellent instructor.

-Brian Davis, M.S., Professor of Experimental Psychology, 2012

Christin is very intelligent and helpful and provided great support for the class.

-Jason Young, Ph.D., Professor of Social Psychology, 2011



Christin was an absolute pleasure to work with from the moment we first met her. She quickly grasped the project that we wanted to do, and was able to provide thoughtful, insightful advice from beginning to end of her time working with us. She helped us with survey design, program evaluation, and data collection technologies, data entry, analysis and presentation, explanation and “translation” of statistical results to aid in understanding, as well as did some consulting around qualitative research protocols. Her understanding of both quantitative and qualitative research – and ability to use those insights to help guide project design and execution – is unparalleled, in our experience. She was responsive, always on time with work, and always so lovely to interact with, in person, on the phone or over email. We wish she were looking for a job doing this, because we’d hire her in a heartbeat. We recommend her absolutely!

-Janice Bloom, Ph.D. and Lori Chajet, Ph.D., Co-directors of College Access: Research & Action (CARA), 2014



I wanted to take a minute to congratulate you personally on the excellent job you did of providing your first review for Psychology of Women Quarterly. Your review was very thoughtful, with a good balance of both positive assessments and specific, very on-target suggestions for improvement. From our information about you, I infer that you may be a graduate student, so you may not yet have extensive reviewing experience. But your review was certainly extremely professional and polished and indistinguishable from those of seasoned researchers in this area. So, even more impressive, if this is the case. Thank you so much for your diligence and attention to detail. We will certainly be calling on you again!

-Maria Gurevich, Ph.D., Associate Editor, Psychology of Women Quarterly, 2011

Christin helped make my foray into blogging not only smooth but also enjoyable. Being new to blogging, I was quite unsure about my ability to translate research into accessible writing, but through Christin’s thorough editing and suggestions, I was able to find my creative blogging voice. As a blogging “mentor,” she provided invaluable recommendations for how to write blogs that are provocative, fun, yet ultimately informative about critical psychological research findings on the sexualization of girls. Apart from my writing for SPARK, the experience has inspired me to start my own research blog on my areas of interest.

-Stephanie Anderson, M.A., SPARK blogger, 2014 (sample blog here)

Christin is an incredibly kind and thoughtful editor and organizer of our team of SPARK research bloggers. When I began writing research blogs for SPARK, I was new to any kind of blogging and was unsure of how to approach this kind of writing. Christin was a great mentor in this process. She provided a comprehensive list about how to write good blogs and she spent a great deal of time providing thoughtful suggestions and detailed feedback when she reviewed my blogs. What is perhaps most impressive about Christin’s editing and leadership in this role is that as she offers detailed suggestions for improvement, she also offers encouragement and plenty of positive feedback. She has been invaluable in helping me develop skills as a research blogger to communicate important psychological research on the sexualization of girls to girls themselves.

-Jennifer Chmielewski, Ed.M., M.A., SPARK blogger, 2014 (sample blog here)

Christin always takes my blogs from blah to booyah! Her editing skills have been invaluable. She combines an acute knowledge of grammar with storytelling skills and an ear for voice. Her talent for distilling research down to its main points in a manner that is clear, concise and fun has helped me grow as a writer and cultivate my own “voice” as a blogger!

-Kimberly Belmonte, M.A., SPARK blogger, 2015 (sample blog here)